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Above The Clouds


Once, on the darkest of nights
I hovered over my life

As if I had died

Mid-flight I tumbled back down

Did Orpheus come?

Did he turn around?

I want to see 

My life just how it is

Where love looks on everywhere

And looks for me endlessly

Blind to paradise way down here

Drowning in the details and fears


You held me close in the wind

By the trembling bridge

The awakening kiss

It’s hard to suspend in your heart

Oh the ways we fall down

Under the clouds


Because when I see

My life just how it is

Learning to love again

I cling to it desperately

Please don’t take it from me

I breathe in

I breathe out

I breathe


A poet looked in my mind

Saw the weather inside

Said “there’s always blue skies

Cast your mind on a bed

Of feathers and rest

Above the clouds”

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