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The Fire Escape


Head for the fire escape

Her tears are little flames

You know when the fires come

The fires rage for days

And then they come rising to the surface

The words that she is finding hard to say


But he ran down the fire escape

She stays amidst the blaze

Singing that song about a river

Skate away

Every time

She’ll miss the purpose

She’ll lay on the pyre

Or bury it away.


Well I remember

I fell from a height

When trying to fly

And I remember

Feeling both broken and alive

We’re weaving together

It’s not that you don’t love this side

But I don’t quite

When I’m lost in the wild


We sit at the fire escape

I struggle to explain 

I know it was yesterday

But still the hurt prevails

You’re out of your mind

I try to tell you

You can’t really love me

When I act this way.


But I remember   

What I remember all this time

Do you remember

When you first slipped your hand in mine?

The waves and the tremors

This brittle bird

You stand beside 

You take my hand

You turn to me and smile


We sit at the fire escape

Beside the open door

I know that I’ve never loved a man like this before

The pain of a heart

That’s breaking open

I’m scared and I’m just trying to let you know

The birth of a heart, I’m breaking open.

My darling, I’m just trying to let you know. 

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