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Did Mary quench the last fire

In the waking of her soul?
With heaven moving inside her

Frankincense and gold

When the celebrations washed away

She rested there with Joe

‘Cause Joe don’t lift her up

He sets her down


Well let me tell you…

My Joe lately got some broken bones

I prayed for light to seek his hiding soul

His beating heart the sweetest melody and treasure

I have ever known

Fateful sleep was whispering so

I begged the angels not to let him go
Though Joe was lifted up

He came back down


Bewildered stars spin together

The sun and the moon move slow

The hands of creation so clever

That we can never know

Some other day Joe

You’ll drift away

As mystery unfolds

But as long as that’s your name

This is your home, Joe


Well let me tell you…

You lay sleeping with your skin so cold

That very moment all that I could hold

There in my heart with no condition

Was the deepest love I’ve ever known

And if you thought that I was waiting for

Three kings and starlight 

Kneeling at my door

Well Joe, when you woke up

The sun did come out

Joe, don’t lift me up

Come lay me down

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