Happy Friday 13th everyone! Feels like the perfect day to usher in the season of Hallowe'en and this freaky tune. It's called "Don't Tempt The Shadow" and it's a song all about the human shadow. So easy to spot in others, so hard to spot in yourself. Written for an old friend who went to the dark side, and in hindsight it was probably a letter to my own shadow. Funny how songs can tell the future.

It's out on October 11th, just four weeks from now. Produced by the wonderful TJ Allen, and the cover is shot by Tom Jacob on a beautiful old Yashica camera.

The tour also begins on October 11th at The Temperance in Leamington Spa, moving onto Sheffield, then Manchester and back down south!

All ticket links over on the 'live' page. Hope to catch you at one of these gigs soon.