I thought I’d give you a little tour of my working space, which evolved quite a lot from a laptop on the floor last summer when suddenly the muse tap started pouring!

The silly thing is I have a studio to go to but I got very comfy here and I guess that’s what counts. A very large vintage TEAC desk is due to join the party and I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat. Not only will it not fit up the narrow staircase, it's damn heavy and damn big. Or I could just stick it in front of a cupboard door and accept that I can't get to those things in the cupboard for a while.

This little spot, for me, is bliss and has been bliss for the last year. It's been here that I've written and strummed, sang and let whatever needed to come out, come out. I've done my School Of Song workshops here... listening, learning and sharing with fellow songwriters from all over the world. I've been reading, watercolour doodling, occasionally filling the room with copal smoke and watching the moon come up and the sun go down. We live in a part of Bristol which, despite being moments away from a busy road (and the city) is miraculously quiet.

I've always loved small spaces to work in, since I was a little girl, crouched in an old pulpit my parents had (they used it as a bar area and vinyl station, because they are rad) with headphones on, ingesting all their albums and having my mind blown. It was that same spot where I used to plug-in my four-track. My first studio was basically a padded cell in an old police station... all of them little nooks with everything at arms length.

I’m harbouring dreams of a little project studio in a treehouse now and maybe some kind of pulley crane thing for lifting things in and out. How impractical, but how great.