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I know I know it’s taking me so long to finish this album. Mostly what’s slowing it down are tedious logistical things. Things like time (who knows eh Sandy Denny?), money (you’re right Pink Floyd, it is the root of all evil) and all those things.

Another reason it’s taking so long is that I’m simply having the nicest time living in the making of this album, and I don’t want to let it go into the world. I will miss it very much. And besides, you can’t keep me away from Studiowz. It’s the sound of tyres hitting the gravel, the glow of the lights through the chapel windows when you arrive…. I had a lovely time there last week, tidying up a few loose ends and recording backing vocals with the wonderfully talented Eline Brun and Rebecca Rose Harris. The divine, haunting blend of their voices has become an integral part of this music.

But finish it, quickly, I must. In a lovely twist, a very real deadline has presented itself in the form of another arrival to the family, due in two wee months. So I need to get a move on as no creative work will be possible when my heart and mind explodes soon. There’s no firecracker up the ass like impending birth!

Therefore, release and completion plans are now real and (almost) concrete and it will be with you soon I promise. Through a milky, heart-exploding haze. Which, pleasingly, is just how the album sounds anyway.


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