Hey all! If you’d told me all of this was going to happen a month ago I wouldn’t have believed you. In fact, it’s a year to the day that I sat in this very chair blinking in bewilderment at a positive pregnancy test! Shit’s changed!

Needless to say we didn’t make it up to BBC London yesterday. And I’m sad to say my tour in May is unlikely to happen now, as already a few venues have decided to pull gigs. But it will be rescheduled to November 2020 and dates are nearly confirmed. More info on that very soon. I had thought about postponing the album release until Autumn, but I see people putting out so many good things online in terms of service, and this is all I really have to offer anyone at this time (other than cake recipes and podcast suggestions). So it will come out as planned. From March 27th, one new track will be released each Friday up until the album release on April 24th. Erykah Badu was once asked about how music had changed in this digital age. She simply replied “you can’t roll a joint on the cover of a digital download”. She spoke the truth. But it’s also true that you can’t spread germs on a digital download. So digital is what it shall be, with all kind of physical delights on offer later in the year when that Covid prick is well and truly back in its box. I know most of you are on the streaming buzz, but it’s also going to be available as a free download on Bandcamp for the first week of release, in case the internet decides to crash too - because at this point nothing would surprise me! Funnily (no, seriously), I wrote most of these songs during a period where I spent a lot of time at home alone feeling very distant from the world around me. It was a period of anxious self-insulation that went on for many years, and it was a pretty shit time frankly. So who knows - maybe in your isolation you’ll listen and relate. All I have ever wanted to do with music is to provide comfort and release for the listener and I really hope this record provides at least some comfort for you at this strange and scary time. In addition to this I’ll endeavour to share some other stuff with you from these four walls. And if you want cake and podcast recommendations, that too can be arranged. I wish you good health and I send you all lots of virtual love and and kisses. And see you in the flesh in the Autumn! Love Jenny