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Exhibiting my face here, while I pretend to look at something, to share the news that I have gigs coming! GIGS! For the first time in three years. Ermegerd. There’s going to be one in Bristol Beacon at the end of October as part of Bristol Tonic Sessions, run by the fabulous Dame Katya Gorrie, and another in December in Brighton at The Folklore Rooms, as part of the Folkroom Records happenings and all the good things they do.

I’ll be playing all the new songs that I can squeeze into my slot all on my ownio.

Last time I played a gig I was 8 months pregnant and had never heard the word Covid. It feels like it’s been a long long time.

It would be so so ace to see you at one of these! And hey, if you want to have me at your venue or music night, I’ll do it!

Links to tickets in the live page!

Follow the thread for tickets and deets. More to be announced soon!

Yours excitedly,

Jenny 🌤


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