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Why do we need a women’s day? Are you serious? For all the infinite, insidious, invisible ways we are constantly shamed and undermined, pitted against each other, reduced to words like “bossy” or “hysterical” (fun fact: this word originates from the Greek word for “womb”), the fact that “feminist” is still a dirty word… on and on and on it goes.

Raising a daughter is excruciating in such a world, wanting to be the best and baddest you can be, while still being the best mother you can for her. It is a daily struggle, and it shouldn’t be. There’s so much bullshit I’m going to pass down, whether I want to or not. But one thing’s for sure, this little woman of mine has breathed new fire into my belly. I have to remember to knock that self-criticism on the head, and show her that she can march out into the world, not second guess herself and grab herself a slice of the pie. That, god forbid, she can have it all.

In the words of Liz Berry (the greatest living writer on motherhood if I do say so myself), let’s pray for “that whole wild fucking Queendom” and smash the living shit out of the patriarchy, charred bras, hairy legs and all. We need a hell of a lot more than one piddly day.

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