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Updated: Apr 27

Well this is extremely exciting! I’m so very pleased and proud to be performing as part of the very first Mothers In Music event at The Mount Without in Bristol in March, sharing the bill with Rachael Dadd and her BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) choir, Beth Rowley, Rioghnach Connolly and many more artists and DJS! Mindboggling line-up! I’ll be performing in the early afternoon at 12:30, but the event will be running into the night, and it’s gonna be great!

In a short space of time, these affirming bi-monthly meet-ups have already led to something wonderful like this and none of it would have been possible without the galvanising force that is Alice at Mama Coaching!

The manifesto is clear: helping mothers to stay visible, valued and celebrated in the music industry. 👌

This will be an all-day event, with free daytime kids tickets. On top of the great line-up, there’ll also be a a series of live discussions throughout the day on the challenges faced by mothers in the music industry today.

When you think that anthropologists claim the origin of music itself stemmed from primitive females singing to their young, and you see the state of things today… this is a shameful chasm and a cause that really, really deserves your support.

So come along, bring your young and sing to them! Hear some amazing music, and my musical ruminations on motherhood! The ticket link is over on the live page, with some early birds on offer. And if you can’t make it, this is a non-profit event with a donation link available in Headfirst too, so please do your bit to make more of these gigs happen if you can!


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