Hey all,

I've been quiet on social media and the internet of late, doing a lot of indwelling and writing. Trying to write well, and write honestly around the day-to-day of childcare! I was very grateful to receive Arts Council support to facilitate this stage of development, which has been amazing.

There's so much I want to say here about the cocophony of feelings I have as a new mum, how that impacts your identity, your heart, your energy levels etc. But all of this is being poured into the songs, and hopefully it will gestate into a second record rather than a ranty blog post. I'm excited and having fun, and that feels great.

I'm sure many of you have grown accustomed to a very quiet way of living since the start of the pandemic, and that many of you are finding it a bit weird entering back into society. Me too! I'm quite happy here in the little bubble of home, family and music, but I will see you soon, when I'll be bearing the fruits of this time.

Until harvest! Love and strength to all of you.