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TEAC A-3340

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I’ve wanted to dive into the world of tape recording for a long, long time and lots of people have warned me against it (for good reasons too!). But the heart wants what the heart wants. My first years with music, both as a listener and creator, were spent hunched over a 4-track on the floor, watching vinyl revolve… all of those experiences were tactile, and felt like I was forging a true connection with the sounds I was making, and hearing. I yearn for that again. To slow down, to resist the urge to polish and perfect. To allow for mistakes, for noise, to watch music as something cyclical and not linear.

The writing of this next record has been guided completely by the heart, and the recording must be no different.

Like Karen, happy is the way I’m feeling. By the way, this song was the first thing I heard being played through this machine, and that was that. It had to be mine.

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