The album is out on all digital platforms, and I feel a bit giddy about it!

Physical copies are to come later, but for now here is the album on Bandcamp in digital format. As promised, it's available to download for free for a week - you can pay if you want to but I know these are tough times. Also on Bandcamp is a very limited amount of promo CDs, should any of you wish to have a physical copy. You can buy it there by clicking here!

Also, you can head to Spotify and the rest to listen/ stream. Every save and follow really helps we wee indie artists get picked up on the algorithmic radars of doom (I mean joy).

Huge massive infinite thanks to all of you involved. For the more studious, full album credits are listed on Bandcamp. Each and every one of the contributors are amazing.

I really hope to get out and play for you soon!

Lots of love,