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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

So I’m here to share my creative bubble and why I’m making the majority of the album on my bedroom floor.

I love people, but my creative self has always been a very shy introvert. Growing up, my parents kept their record player and record collection inside an old wooden pulpit (long story, but they also used it as a bar - awesome!). I’d climb in, sit on the floor and put headphones on. I used to drag my 4-track in when everyone had gone out and record my first demos there. Ever since, there’s something about sitting on a floor, in a confined space like that that’s been very comforting.

This patch of floor in the bedroom was where the whole idea for this album came together. A new baby (and a pandemic!) made it hard to get out of the house, so I ended up grabbing stolen moments up here. It’s where I sat and took so many wonderful School Of Song workshops, sharing the songs in progress with people from every corner of the planet. Demoing the songs, I’d be singing barely above a whisper for fear of waking my daughter downstairs, and that sound has kind of stuck. Over time, a laptop on the floor became a little table, then a preamp.

Recently, I tried to get back to our studio as it was more practical, but it was noisy in the day, and scary at night! So I’m back again on the floor, where all is quiet and nobody is going to turn on a power drill, and/ or kill me at 2am. It’s very cramped and I get a dead leg on the hour, but it’s worth it.

These songs are all observing motherhood through the lens of the domestic, so maybe this squishy little spot will do just fine! I’ve fought against making the majority of the album right here, but I’ve given in now, and I’m very happy about it. It feels damn indulgent, and I like it. So, look forward to hearing the gentle hum of a tape machine and a baby monitor and maybe the odd bloody dog barking. And some songs as well. My ambient phase is yet to come.


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