Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Greetings from my kitchen in Bristol where I'm drinking coffee and listening to Judee Sills "The Kiss".

It's oh so quiet up here in interweb land, but underground I am nearing the finish line with the debut Sailing Stones album in Bristol. It's been a dream working with producer TJ Allen, legendary drummer Daisy Palmer, and keys wizard Dan Moore. So far we've had special guests Pete Judge and Jake McMurchie from Get The Blessing on brass, Blythe Pepino from Mesadorm lending her dulcet tones and Stew Jackson of Massive Attack contributing pedal steel on a song you might have heard before!

There'll be more great people added to the list in the coming weeks! Working with them all has

felt like one huge giant hug from start to finish. Bristol is a great town to be making music.

Tim and I have also drank a lot of coffee, eaten a lot of chicken pakoras from Bristol Sweet Mart,

and indulged many a guilty (no no wait, guiltless) pleasure on Spotify.

We're recording quite a few tunes, and time will tell as to what form they will come out. But come out, they will. I'm really excited to share them with you!

More updates soon! X J