They finally arrived yesterday and I managed to get them into the post, so fingers crossed some UK people will have theirs this morning!

I love records. I love their grainy, crackly warmth and how they all feel like old friends. I am overjoyed that this album exists as one. It feels so good and so right. Thank you to everyone involved, to producer TJ Allen and all the amazing musicians.

Now, as you know, today is Bandcamp Friday which means we artists get the whole amount of the sale, with no commission. There are also CDs there. I’m sorry to say that shipping prices to the US are now extortionate. Something to do with a pandemic, and sovereignty (say no more). The link is in the bio to get shopping. Your support would be hugely appreciated in these austere times.

But in all honesty, they have come out so nicely (see more in my stories) and I am so proud. The artwork was done by me (the cover was a self-portrait on a Polaroid) so I am feeling very chuffed that I didn’t fuck it up royally. The inlay shot was taken by the amazing Francesca Verner one Autumn afternoon in Berlin, whose inimitably good aesthetic eye has been cast over all artwork. It was she who reminded me of the Polaroid for the cover. Special thanks to her on this day.

I have a real album. It took a while. But here we are. Totally over the moon. Is it too early to start drinking?

Love to you all.