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Vocals/ Guitar: Jenny Lindfors
Backing Vocals: Eline Brun, Rebecca Rose Harris
Oboe: Eleanor Tinlin
Flute: Ben Waghorn
Clarinet: Ruth Hammond
Bassoon: Tamsin Mains

Electric Guitar: Luke Cawthra
Bass: Andy Lowe​

Drums: Daisy Palmer

Recorded at Studiowz, Pembrokeshire
Engineered by Owain Fleetwood Jenkins
Woodwinds arranged by Dan Moore
Produced by Jenny Lindfors

The Colour Of The Sun (unfinished)

All my days are covered in
A film of
yellow light
It’s in the rearview mirror
And flowers on the roadside
Come on little beacon
Brittle spark
Undo me like a drug
Swallowing the scattered dark


On the radio

Karen was singing

Of angels on the day you came

And birds that appear

Moved by the beauty

You threw your hands round my neck

Have I only just begun to see

The colour of the sun?

Rockabye, oh rockabye

To melancholy things

I stare into the splendour

And play the nerves like guitar strings
Yesterday I saw a pulse

Much tighter than a bud

Blooming through the tempest

In Midsummer it comes


(Repeat chorus)


Have I only just begun to see

The colour of the sun?

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